Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Radio killed the blogosphere star...

When a self-confessed ignoramus who is apparently interested in learning about a particular topic goes out live on the air in order to be obnoxious to anyone who actually knows about that subject, you've got to ask yourself why she bothered in the first place. When you find out that the subject in question is the MMR vaccine, you've probably got your answer.

Surely there can be no topic that generates more ill-informed, hysterical nonsense than vaccines in general and MMR in particular? If there is, I don't think I want to know.

The Wakefield "controversy" is over, people, it's dead. There is nothing more to discuss; and if you think there is, it's because you've either not read or not understood the hundreds of scientifically-sound debunkings his work has received. His research was flawed, he broke every obvious - and quite a few non-obvious - ethical guideline in the process, and nobody except a couple of foaming-at-the-mouth media types who refused to lose face after publishing their scaremongering ever gave his story any credence once all the facts were in. If you insist on still believing it, you are not only ill-informed, you're an ill-informed dick; it's a scientific fact.

But still, STILL we have an irresponsible nitwit being allowed air-time to give members of the public the impression that there "must be something in it", that there's some sort of subjective truth about the efficacy and safety of the MMR vaccine that is different for you than it is for me, and that the Department of Health is there to scare people and bolster drug companies' profits.

Won't you think of the children, dammit? Their poor, tiny, baby bodies being filled full of CANCER-CAUSING POISONS?! Oh, the humanity.

Oh, the idiocy.

Thanks be to "seenoevil" for this contribution! kthxbai.