Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Truth in advertising

Patrick Holford should need no introduction; but just in case he does, look here for the relevant story and here for all the background you'll ever need!
Submitted by Persiflage


LeeT said...

That is a disgraceful and libellous photograph. We demand that it be changed to one showing our client with his extensive range of Patrick Holford TM supplements.

The Holford Legal Team - we're watching YOU

Persiflage said...

Dear Holford Legal Team,

I'm afraid that I cannot take you seriously until you correct the typographical error in your letter:

"...changed to one showing our client with his extensive range..."

You see? The penultimate word in the phrase quoted above mistakenly contains a "t" instead of a "p"; are you sure you're really lawyers?

Yrs &c.,


LeeT said...

Dear Non-believer,

We are of course Britain's leading solicitors in the same way that Professor Patrick Holford (visiting) Dip ION (hon) is the same that Patrick Holford is Britain's leading ... errr ... entrepreneur.

You are correct that our client has a very expensive range of pills, sorry supplements. This is to fund essential overheads such as public relations consultants to monitor Wikipedia and solicitors to deal with shall we say unkind remarks from those jealous of his resounding success in life. After all the proles can go to Holland & Barrett or Tesco can't they?

Now on pain of being sued we challenge you to find five things wrong with our client. Ten things RIGHT with him include:
(1) supplements do no harm (Okay, there was study saying the contrary but that was produced by a bunch jealous left-wing extremists.)
(2) he is not influenced by pharmeceutical companies, dieticians, doctors, or scientists
(3) he likes rabbits
(4) he is very nice man
(5) he is very ethical, moral and honest
(6) he is the messiah
(7) errr
(8) ummm
(9) that's it

Sue, Grabbit & Runn - solicitors for ducks

Anonymous said...

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