Thursday, November 15, 2007

OMG! Orful Poo Laydee be bothrin mah kitteh!

Yeah, we've been far too serious recently. Thankfully, troubledjoe has dropped by to lighten the mood with this poor li'l kitteh...

I actually hesitated to post this one. Not on the grounds of taste; after all, anyone who prods around in other people's faeces for a living in order to make spurious diagnoses and who sells very expensive kits to let people do the same for themselves would hardly balk at doing the same to family pets... and of course, that's what worries me.

Should any of the major players in nutribollocks woo-mongering set eyes on this, they might realise that there's a relatively untapped market out there for animal nutrimysticism, and then no litter tray would be safe and I'd have that on my conscience forever.

Do I really want to be responsible for "You Are What You Eat... And So Is Your Pet!" - where some basket-case with a mail-order PhD tries to persuade a Rottweiler to forego the unhealthy meat-based diet that makes its poo smell so bad in favour of organic lentil and celeriac casserole?

Hmmm... maybe that's not such a bad idea after all.


wotsisnameinlondon said...

Oh Please, Please keep on promoting the idea of cat poo prodding. The thought of stupid people paying TAPL clones to break the skin on a cat's jobby and giving it a good close up view makes me very happy for so many reasons. Primarily I have this vision of a cat poo woo viewer with her nose close to kitty's doings and saying "ah, the aroma is inicative of ....".

Persiflage said...

Oh, good grief... How about a Jilly Goulden/Os Clarke-meets-Patrick-Holford special, during which various nutrient supplements are tried out and the resulting aromas compared by the experts?


At least if we get the silly buggers onto animals they'll leave people alone.

On the other hand, the British viewing public, at least, wouldn't stand for it. They're right behind watching cruelty to fat people but I very much doubt they'd countenance TAPL's approach when applied to something cute and furry!